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It was the beginning of September 2012 and I was getting ready for rabbit hunting with some of my hunting beagles . I was on this website and ran across one of my males litermate (Rabbit Hunting online). Where I meet this beagler name  (Hangline's) from Upper Tn that wanted to Sale his Hossbreeze male said he was to fast for his pack so i called him and  e-mailed him to let him know that I would be happy to buy him to pair him up with his brother Jo-Jo . He called me that day and told me that he would be coming to  that money talk and dogs run rabbits lol. I told  my hunting partners were going to be in for one heck of shock this hunting season. I told them that we need to have our dogs ready because I wasn’t going to let someone from out of state show us up this hunting season.We had bought a total of five hounds Amos Jo-Jo Dancer,AmosRusty Jo Jo Dancer,L&J Gal,Sandy.Coco Shail and began putting my stuff in the truck and loaded up my five dogs that I was taking for the hunt.  We got to the first spot and it started raining a little. We got out and turn the dogs out and got our gear together. About a couple of minutes being on the ground the dogs had already had a rabbit going. We  got into place to wait for the Rabbit to show  But the rabbit made a short circle and Sandy and Coco-Shanail ,Jo-Jo Dancer  surprise  the rabbit the dogs where on and it had escaped between us. The dogs was still on the rabbit and they were pounding him hard and I was looking and waiting for the rabbit to show and he did Ms.J  and I saw him at the same time but he didn't have a chance Rusty and Jo-Jo was running him so hard all you could see was the dew off the rabbit feet. Keep in mind that it is still a little rainy mist coming down .We drop the dogs down and the race was on the rabbit took the dogs all over the place.This race between  Rusty Jo-Jo Dancer,Cantina,Peggy,Bottom Gal is going to be likeThe Dallas Cowboys Against the New York Gaints.These Hossbreeze males ran against each other paired off upper med speed from 6:10pm til about 8:45pm and both were fighting for the lead Jo-Jo Dancer had his pack And Amos Rusty Jo Jo Dancer
had his pack and these males were in for the battle of there life trying to out do each other  with the pack of gyp's they were paired off with.
one didnt want the other to out do him.Man i'am going to have one helfired hunting season this 2012,2013 hunting season........Amos Jo Jo Dancer and his brother Amos Rusty Jo Jo Dancer Foxcreek Run And Gun Hossbreeze are some of the best running hounds out of FC Fox Creek Run And Gun Hossbreeze i've ever seen and you can take that to the running field..... And i Guarantee that

Hossbreeze pups born April 6,2013 out of Jo jo Dance  and Amos Cantina Home Brew
4 females and 1 Male
Amos Cordova Big Tick Boy has a new Home now with Mr. Chris and Family it was very nice meeting the Two of you

and we hope you enjoy Cordova Big Tick Boy Thanks Mrs.J  july 22,2013
Female #1 here are 3 pics of Gyp
Female #2 here are 3 pics of Gyp
Amos Bartlett Girl Tennesse has a new Home now with Mr Keith & Mrs Christina Thank you'll very much and hope your lil girl enjoy her beagle pup Mrs.J

June 18,2013
Amos Baby Bree lollypop Gal Hossbreeze (Female# 4)